Welcome to the perfect world of DEFECTIVE

In the near future, one 'perfect' U.S. state controls crime through uniformed, anonymous Preservers of Peace who investigate, judge, and sentence ‘defective’ citizens for the smallest crimes. The problem is that in a perfect world, there's no room for the imperfect. Written and directed by Reese Eveneshen (DEAD GENESIS), DEFECTIVE is a cautionary tale. It explores what could happen if we allow our society to degenerate into such chaos that the government and the population will submit to militaristic control by a single corporation.

Talking with God in LIGHT AND SILENCE

Possibility Films has just released another short film, the fifth short written and directed by Peter Szabo. The dark-fantasy/drama unfolds after young Brittany is violently murdered by a co-worker. Finding herself in a cinema for the afterlife, she meets up with God to review the events leading up to and during her death. Brittany takes advantage of the opportunity to ask God about his perspectives on violence and his criteria for intervening on behalf of victims. Featuring an intense and provocative performance from Raven Cousens, an unsettling silent appearance from Michael Woodley, and the soothing (godly?) voice of Duncan McLellan, this little film will definitely generate lively discussion after viewing.