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Explore the films we've made and the projects we're developing. Stay engaged and tell us what you like and what you want to see more or less of. Just don't blame us if our stories move you to screams, chills, tears, or laughs, 'cause that means we affected your heart, mind, or both, and we consider that to be the core of any successful film experience.

About Possibility Films

Possibility Films is a young, independent film production company that is still very much in touch with the excitement of telling engaging stories with actors, pictures, words, and sounds. People ask, "what genre of films does Possibility Films make"? We resist the film industry's need to define our movies with a predictable style, unless you think that making stories about people in challenging, conflicting, and sometimes violent circumstances is a style. We've done horror (Dead Genesis), thriller (Love Never Dies), action (Fright Bytes), drama (Mona and Theo), and even a touch of comedy (Too Low). Our films are entertaining, compelling, often edgy and unsettling, and always told with humanity at the core of the stories.

Possibility Films IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/company/co0264705/

About Founder/Producer, Peter Szabo

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Peter Szabo developed a passion for the power of film when Jaws scared the heck out of him at the tender age of 12. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a B.A., Honors Degree in English, Peter Szabo worked as a film extra on Toronto movie and TV sets. He studied screenwriting through courses by Syd Field and the Gotham Writers’ Workshops, and completed a screenplay for an unproduced romantic-comedy feature.

In 2006, Szabo marked his directorial debut with the short, dark film “A Day in the Life of a Psychopath,” which he also wrote, produced, and edited. For his second and third short films, the tragic “Mona and Theo” (2008) and the off-center but eerie “Too Low” (2010), Szabo wore writer, director, producer, and editor hats. In 2012, Szabo directed the short film “Love Never Dies,” based on the short story Nona by best-selling author Stephen King.

In 2006, Szabo took on a producer role for the documentary, “Change Now for the Future: Perspective from Guelph’s Street Youth.”  In 2007, Szabo completed the Business of Film course taught by successful film producer Ken Nakamura through the Business of Film Institute, Cambridge, Ontario. In 2008, Szabo started producing films in association with fellow filmmaker and Guelph resident, Reese Eveneshen. Since then, Szabo has co-produced Eveneshen's short film, “Numb,” produced a music video Don’t Forget Me for Toronto indie band, Desperate Union, and the produced the feature film, Dead Genesis, which has foreign and U.S. distribution on DVD and Bluray, and is being broadcast on cable and pay TV in North America. In 2011, Szabo decided to take producing more seriously; he became a Premium Member of Raindance Toronto and developed solid practical knowledge of indie-film producing through Elliot Grove’s Producer’s Foundation Certificate series followed by several other Raindance courses.