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No More Time (2023)

An aging, troubled man sneaks away from his caregiver and wanders the streets of Barcelona driven to solve a mystery he can only describe with the words, “No more time.” (7 minutes)

Shot over two days while on family vacation in southern Spain, I hired a local Barcelona co-producer and crew and a cast of international actors, each speaking in their native language.

Leroy Silk Unmuted (2022)

Leroy Silk is a middle-aged, singer-songwriter whose popularity and songwriting suddenly crashed 9 years ago. He passively recycles his old, folk-rock songs for online subscribers until one enthusiastic fan opens old creative wounds by requesting a song that Leroy claims doesn't exist. The film immerses viewers in a simulated, online environment in which the cracked heart of a fading singer-songwriter is healed through his fan community. (20 minutes)

​This film was produced entirely online during the 2021 pandemic with a cast and crew of 4 and features original music written for the film.

On April 30, 2023, cast and crew appeared in an online event for a live-streamed premiere of the film after which they answered questions about the process of making the film and the music.